A downloadable Environment Art

Submission for Search For a Star 2020 Environment Art Challenge 

by Ignas Barauskas https://ignasb.artstation.com/

The Slaughter Dock

A Fantasy Whaling Station

Pirate poachers haul sea monsters to the slaughter docks to be skinned and gutted. The workplace for the scum and lowlifes of the pirate city - Apply today!

After a long work day, how 'bout a dip in the water?

Here at our fine establishment we use state-of-the-arrrt technology 

(Supporting Prop)Wooden Chain Winch

We hoist the colours high! 

(Decorative Object)Banner

...and we try to keep the stairs blood-free as to prevent any accidents

(Architectural Piece)Stairs

Catch of the Day 

(Centrepiece) Bullfish


UE4_Project_Ignas_Barauskas_SFAS.zip 666 MB
Documentation_Ignas_Barauskas_SFAS.pdf 19 MB

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